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International trends within freight transport

Authors: Tron Even Skyberg
Report nr: 1144/1999
Language: Norwegian
Attachments Sammendrag

The Norwegian transport and logistics market is heavily influenced by international factors. This is due partly to an extensive trade with other countries, but also because co-operation with the European Union contributes to a stronger integration of the European transport market. This report gives an overview of the main international trends within freight transport. Globalisation affect transport distance, cargo mix as well as logistics. A focus on sustainable growth has initiated a process aimed at giving optimal incentives for the choice between transport modes. From a supply-chain-management point of view, expensive solutions in one element of the process may be optimal if it leads to overall cost reductions. The demand for transport may thus be rather insensitive to relative price differences between the modes. In order to depart from the current trend path, intermodal transport must become more attractive. Efficient terminals, technical and organisational cross-border harmonisation as well as better information and communication systems may lead to this.


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