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Inspection of 75 pedestrian crossings in Oslo

Authors: Michael Wøhlk Jæger Sørensen, Tor-Olav Nævestad
Report nr: 1231/2012
ISBN: 978-82-480-1384-6
ISBN (digital version): 978-82-480-1383-9
Language: Norwegian
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75 pedestrian crossings in Oslo have been inspected with a view to recommend measures to improve safety. 29 crossings do not fulfill the criteria for making a pedestrian crossing on account of too high speed level or too few pedestrians. It is assessed that 37 pedestrian crossings have a high level of risk, while 36 crossings have a medium level of risk. Flaws in design, marking, signs and/or maintenance have been found for all the crossings. We recommend that 60 pedestrian crossings be maintained, but only two crossings should be kept without change. 26 crossings should be somewhat amended, while 30 crossings should be upgraded. Further studies should be made for two crossings. 14 crossings should be eliminated, and one crossing should be moved.


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