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How to measure cycling and new forms of micro mobility

Authors: Aslak Fyhri, Ingunn Opheim Ellis, Petr Pokorny, Tineke de Jong, Christian Weber
Report nr: 1897/2022
ISBN (digital version): 978-82-480-1948-0
Language: Norwegian
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Bicycle data are used for many purposes, and are collected in several ways: travel behaviour surveys (TBS), bicycle counters, etc. The technological development in the transport sector creates new challenges and new opportunities. Use of app data and electric scooters are two major changes. This report looks at cycling and the use of micro-mobility, and how to use existing and new data sources to understand usage patterns, risks and the development towards sustainable transport. The report examines existing data sources and their strengths and weaknesses. With data from Oslo, we see that the most recent TBS describes a much lower increase in bicycle use than what local and national counters have measured. There is much evidence that the TBS has not captured the real growth in cycling. At the same time, we see that none of the existing data sources can well describe the use of e-scooters. Based on experience from other countries, we finally make recommendations on how bicycle data collection can be organized in the future.


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