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Freight transport market in Norway: Structure and trends

Authors: Stein Erik Grønland, Inger Beate Hovi, Paal Brevik Wangsness, Elise Caspersen
Report nr: 1371/2014
ISBN (digital version): 978-82-480-1586-4
Language: Norwegian
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Transport patterns for freight transport is largely a result of how the private sector's logistics systems are designed. Transport of goods, freight transport, have no other purpose than to support the corporate value creation. Which logistics system that is chosen depends on what provides enterprises competitiveness in terms of cost-effective supply chains, service performance that meets customer needs and securing optimal supply of goods. In this report, we have based on this perspective, taken for us what we consider to be important explanatory factors for why the transport development have become as they are and how companies have increased logistics as an important element in their competitive strategies.


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