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Foreign Visitor Survey

Authors: Jan Vidar Haukeland, Arne Rideng
Report nr: 485/2000
ISBN: 82-480-0159-8
Language: Norwegian
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The report presents the results of the Norwegian foreign visitor survey January - April 2000. Practically all foreign visitors are included in the statistics. Altogether 800 000 tourists stayed overnight and around 380 000 day visitors crossed the border during this winter season. One-third of the visitors were on business trips while the remainder were on holiday. Foreign tourists spent a total of nearly 4.8 million guest nights in Norway during the 2000 winter season. The total number of foreign overnight guests dropped by six percent compared to the winter season of the previous year. The number of holidaymakers declined by seven percent, whereas a more modest reduction was registered for business trips. The number of foreign guest nights fell by seven percent and the decline was most significant among holidaymakers. Foreign winter traffic to Norway, measured by the total number of arrivals and guest nights, is approximately at the same level in 2000 as in 1998. The number of tourists travelling to Norway by private motor vehicles or coaches - who account for four-fifths of holidaymakers - grew during the 1996 to 1999 winter seasons, but this trend has now been broken by a decline. The drop in 2000 has been pronounced among visitors from Sweden and Denmark, who make up the largest foreign winter holiday markets for the Norwegian tourism industry.


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