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Fewer accidents or costly experience? Evalutaion of the campaign "Driver 2000"

Authors: Terje Assum, Aslak Fyhri
Report nr: 661/2003
ISBN: 82-480-0360-4
Language: Norwegian
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The evalution of the campaign Driver2000 shows no indication of long-term effects on the driver behavior focussed, i.e. seat-belt wearing and compliance with speed limits. However, Driver2000 caught the attention of drivers and achieved a considerable number of members, approximately 5 per cent of Norwegian car drivers. The idea of using positive means, i.e. rewards and a signed contract, was supported by politicians at an early stage, a fact stopping possible objections from the road safety professionals. The campaign Driver2000 was established as a private-public collaboration, but "cultural differences" between the civil service representatives in the board and the daily management with a private business and advertizing background, made the daily operations difficult. When grants were stopped or reduced, the campaign activites came to an end 1 1/2 before planned. The campaign experience shows that new ideas should be tested in a small scale before full implementation and possible objections should be expressed, discussed and incorporated at an early stage.


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