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Export Logistics in Small and Medium Sized Firms

Authors: Rolv Lea, Janne Merete Hagen, Jan Erik Lindjord, Torhild L. Barlaup, Knut Bøe
Report nr: 340/1996
ISBN: 82-7133-990-7
Language: Norwegian
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The aim of this project has been to gather data about export-oriented small and intermediate firms and analyse these firms' logistical systems. The method has been a combination of literature surveys, data collection and descriptive and regression analyses. In keeping with internationally known examples, the length of the lead time and the firm's delivery quality have demonstrable correlations with the firms' success, but they work in different ways. It has been shown that the transport time only consti-tutes a small fraction of the total lead time, and that further research should therefore be focused on other lead time components.


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