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Expenditures by foreign visitors to Norway in 2007

Authors: Eivind Farstad, Arne Rideng
Report nr: 941/2008
ISBN: 978-82-480-0850-7
ISBN (digital version): 978-82-480-0851-4
Language: Norwegian
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This study documents the expenditure by foreign visitors to Norway during the winter and summer seasons of 2007.The study deals with visitors who stayed overnight in Norway; who left Norway by air, bus, and railway or by car; and where the main purpose of travel was vacation, visiting friends and relatives or other holiday purposes. The consumption expenditure of foreigners on business trips by air to Norway was also analysed. This report is based on the Foreign Visitor Survey 2007; a representative sample survey carried out by the Institute of Transport Economics. The average expenditure per motor vehicle tourist was about NOK 3,950 during the winter season and NOK 4,900 for the summer season for the entire visit to Norway (including prepaid expenses). For tourists who travelled by air from Norway, the corresponding expenditure was NOK 10,300 during the winter and NOK 14,200 during the summer season. Total expenditures for all tourists travelling by motor vehicle and by air were NOK 4.5 billion and 16.6 billion for the winter and summer seasons, respectively. (1 NOK = approximately € 0.125)


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