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Evaluation of training for moped and light motorcycle riders. Final report

Authors: Fridulv Sagberg, Ole Aasvik
Report nr: 1724/2019
ISBN: 978-82-480-2267-1
ISBN (digital version): 978-82-480-2266-4
Language: Norwegian
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The Norwegian training curriculum for moped and light motorcycle was changed in 2017. The most important change was introduction of a new traffic safety course. This report presents an evaluation of the changes. Analyses of register data show that most riders get their licence as soon as they reach the minimum age of 16 years. However, duration of the training period has increased after the change. Surveys before and after the change show a small increase in voluntary training lessons in addition to the increase in mandatory training. The surveys showed mainly positive attitudes regarding various road safety issues and a low prevalence of risk-taking behaviour in traffic, except for speeding and moped tuning for increased engine power. However, the share of moped riders that own or ride a tuned moped has decreased after the change, although still one out of five riders own a tuned moped. There are no indications of decreased crash involvement after implementation of the new safety course. Evaluation results may be influenced by changes in the rider population, since there has been a large decrease in the total number of mopeds and light motorcycles during the latest couple of years, as well as a decrease in the share of young people acquiring a moped or light motorcycle licence.


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