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Evaluation of INMAP as a land use projection tool

Authors: Chi Kwan Kwong, Wiljar Hansen
Report nr: 1635/2018
ISBN (digital version): 978-82-480-2145-2
Language: Norsk bokmål
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INMAP is a land-use projection model developed by Rambøll, that can be used for making input data to the regional passenger transport models RTM. Based on information given by the Municipal Master Plan(s) and planning databases for future housing and businesses, INMAP re-distributes the growth of population forecasted by Statistics Norway, and computes the number of new employees for a future scenario. The method of INMAP seems sophisticated, but the inputs to INMAP require comprehensive processing of information given by the planning sources. The results of isolated effects in INMAP seems reasonable. However, in our tests, re-distribution of the population growth based on INMAPs approach of attractiveness, seems to overestimate the concentration of population growth to areas with high accessibility. A further study of how accessibility affects the results from INMAP is recommended.


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