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Evaluation of a pedestrian-activated warning system at crosswalks: “SeeMe”

Authors: Alena Katharina Høye, Aliaksei Laureshyn, Truls Vaa
Report nr: 1496/2016
ISBN (digital version): 978-82-480-1723-3
Language: Norwegian
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SeeMe is a warning system with automatic pedestrian detection that is mounted on crosswalk signs. The aim is to attract motorists’ attention, to improve yielding behavior and to reduce conflicts. A before-after study with a matched control group has been conducted in the Norwegian municipality of Trondheim. An analysis of video observations shows that yielding rate increase by a statistically significant 14% when all crosswalks are taken together. The results are however inconsistent between crosswalks. The two crosswalks were no effects were found had initial yielding rates of above 80%, crosswalk signs at some distance from the crosswalk and high false alarm rates. The results do not indicate that SeeMe has negatively affected pedestrian behavior or increased the number of conflicts.


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