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Economic impacts of tourism in Hol and Hemsedal 2006

Authors: Petter Dybedal
Report nr: 893/2007
ISBN (digital version): 978-82-480-0758-6
Language: Norwegian
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The Norwegian municipalities of Hol and Hemsedal are mountain resort areas particularly aimed at winter tourism. About 1.4 million guest-nights imply a total tourist consumption in 2006 in Hemsedal of 608 millions NOK in (vat not included). 360 jobs within the municipality (of a total of 994) are directly or indirectly related to tourism. In Hol nearly 2 millions guest-nights created a tourist consumption of 867 million NOK, and direct and indirectly 800 jobs (of a total of 2 214 jobs within Hol). Both municipalities employ several non-residential seasonal workers not included in these figures. In addition, tourism in Hol and Hemsedal include a comprehensive development of second homes and other accommodation facilities. Yearly local incomes from supply of land, building services etc related to new second homes are estimated to be 364 mill NOK in Hemsedal and 256 mill NOK in Hol. This report is available only in electronic version.


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