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Economic impact of tourism in Stryn and Hornindal, Norway, in 2009

Authors: Eivind Farstad, Petter Dybedal
Report nr: 1077/2010
ISBN: 978-82-480-1093-7
ISBN (digital version): 978-82-480-1092-0
Language: Norwegian
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The municipalities of Stryn and Hornindal are known for natural attractions like mountains, fjords and glaciers, as well as a well-known venue for nature-based activities, and sports/recreational events. It is also a stop-over location for cruise ships, bus groups, and private cars travelling in the fjord regions. There were an estimated 860,000 guest-nights spent in Stryn and Hornindal in 2009, of which 419,000 in commercial (“warm”) beds. Tourism generated an estimated turnover of NOK 602 million (excl. VAT) in Stryn and Hornindal in 2009. The direct and indirect tourism-based gross production value is estimated at NOK 618 million. About 700 jobs, of a total of 4,200 within the two municipalities (17 per cent), are estimated to be directly or indirectly related to tourism. Non-residential seasonal workers are not included in these figures. In addition, tourism-related activity in the area includes some development of second homes/vacation units. Annual local incomes related to new second homes are estimated to be NOK 72 mill. in Stryn and Hornindal, of which NOK 48 mill. is retained locally. Visiting cruise ship passengers also spend about NOK 58 mill. in the area. This report is available in both printed and in electronic versions.


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