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E-commerce - consequences for transport and the environment

Authors: Olav Eidhammer, Randi Hjorthol, Arve Halseth (ECON), Gry D. Hamarsland (ECON), Stein Erik Grønland (SITMA), Jan Elling Rindli(SITMA)
Report nr: 591/2002
Language: Norwegian

The study indicates that it is difficult to distinguish between the effects from e-commerce and other trends, but the development of e-commerce is not the main force for changes in transport volumes and the environment. E-commerce B2B implies reduced transaction costs that imply increased delivery frequencies and transport distances. At the same time reduced transaction costs give opportunity to control produced quantity, transport volumes and warehousing. The growth in e-commerce B2C on Internet is expected to be enormous, even if the consumers total commerce on Internet is low compared to B2B. In the B2C market reduced use of private car give the most environmental effects in the supply chain.


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