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Does the "Speak out!" philosophy work?

Authors: Pål Ulleberg, Peter Christensen
Report nr: 881/2007
ISBN: 978-82-480-0734-0
ISBN (digital version): 978-82-480-0735-7
Language: Norwegian
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The "Speak out!" road safety campaign combines roadside controls with information-appeals directed towards adolescents encouraging them to "Speak out!" against dangerous driving. After the campaign started in Hordaland county and the roadside control activity was intensified in Sogn og Fjordane county, there has been a statistically significant reduction of 25 % in the number of killed and severely injured 16-24 year old car occupants. Based upon this reduction, the societal benefit of the campaign is estimated to be approxemately 50 mill. euro. The campaign has also been active within four other counties in the same time period, but these did not to emphasise roadside controls to the same extent. There were no significant changes in the number of killed or injured adolescents car occupants within these counties. This suggests that information measures need to be accompanied by roadside controls in order to be effective.


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