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Do they walk? Evaluation of the project Active way to school (2002-2006)

Authors: Aslak Fyhri
Report nr: 814/2005
ISBN: 82-480-0592-5
ISBN (digital version): 82-480-0593-3
Language: Norwegian
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In 2005, 7500 pupils in the primary school in Norway were asked about their journey to school and how they experienced traffic safety. Together with a study conducted in 2002 the study functions as an evaluation of the national "Active way to school" project. The results show that there has been little change in travel habits since 2002. Most children (43 percent) travel to school by foot, and 25 percent of the children are driven to school in private car. The study also looks at the traffic situation the children encounter on their way to school. When we take into consideration a number of factors that might influence the childrens’ travel habits, we find no effect of the project "Active way to school". However, campaigns that each of the schools carry out individually to increase walking and cycling do have a significant positive effect.


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