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Discourses in the development of shared workspaces

Authors: Erik Carlquist
Report nr: 495/2000
ISBN: 82-480-0170-9
Language: English
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This study investigates subjectivities and discourses among employees in bus companies attempting to reduce stress and absenteeism among bus drivers. Six interviews of individual actors in two bus companies have been analysed, examining how the actors positioned themselves discursively vis-à-vis others. This analysis led to the detection of two discourses in the organisations, which are termed the discourse of blame and the discourse of problem solving. It is shown how these discourses offer subject positions, but also how the discourses are interrelated and thus produce an array of coping strategies. In order to develop successful shared workspaces, or arenas for interaction, in the companies, it is necessary to develop a culture that allows a shift away from a discourse of blame towards a discourse of problem solving.


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