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Determinants of Urban Transport Development in Norway

Authors: Nils Vibe, Øystein Engebretsen, Nils Fearnley
Report nr: 761/2005
ISBN: 82-480-0477-5
ISBN (digital version): 82-480-0478-3
Language: Norwegian
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This report offers a comprehensive presentation of the most relevant determinants of urban transport development in Norway. Among the topics to be analysed are driver's licence holdership, car ownership, land use, framework condtions of public transport, the organising of everyday life and changes in travel behaviour in the cities. The significance of land use patterns for mode choice is demonstrated. A model for demand of public transport is presented as well as models for mode choice for journeys to work. Three scenarios of urban transport are presented, the most optimistic one using the population growth to stimulate a more environment friendly development. The situation of the urban transport in ten urban regions is thoroughly documented. The report is based on public statistics, statistics from public transport companies, regional data, travel surveys and international data.


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