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Daily mobility and car use in the urban district Gamle Oslo

Authors: Vibeke Nenseth, Ingunn Opheim Ellis, Trine Dale
Report nr: 1862/2021
ISBN (digital version): 978-82-480-1904-6
Language: Norwegian
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The urban district Gamle Oslo is one of the 15 urban districts in Oslo with the largest share of environmentally friendly mobility. Half of the population walks and half uses public transport. Only 1 of 6 travels is with car. Few in the minority of car users want to reduce their car use as a result of various car traffic reduction measures. Those who do not drive a car believe to a greater extent that such measures will contribute to reduced car use. The saturation point for reducing car traffic might have reached, since there are only the most car dependent left. Some of these need to use car due to their employment or for health reasons. Despite the fact that Gamle Oslo is a heterogeneous urban district; in terms of population composition, socio-economic and -cultural differences, there is strikingly similar mobility practice across the sub-districts.


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