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Cycling in smaller cities and communities

Authors: Oddrun Helen Hagen, Maja Karoline Rynning, Tineke de Jong
Report nr: 1711/2019
ISBN (digital version): 978-82-480-2252-7
Language: Norwegian
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To reach central objectives of higher bike shares, we need more knowledge regarding how to make more people cycle. In this project we have investigated what smaller cities and communities can do to obtain higher bike shares. Through a summary of literature on cycling and cycle planning, and by developing and demonstrating a methodology for investigating bikeability, we explore which measures and means smaller cities and communities can employ to achieve their cycle objectives. The communities of Sauda and Modum were case studies. For each place, we assessed the level of bikeability within four categories: natural and local conditions; urban structure; infrastructure and traffic; surroundings and experiences. We found that overall, Sauda is bicycle-friendly and Modum is somewhat bicycle-friendly, and has proposed various measures that can improve local conditions for cycling.


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