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Covid-19, remote work and travel behaviour

Authors: Susanne Nordbakke, Anja Fleten Nielsen
Report nr: 1863/2021
ISBN (digital version): 978-82-480-1906-0
Language: Norwegian
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This study, based on three national surveys and four surveys from Oslo and the surrounding area, follows the development in the use of home offices and mode of transportation on commute travels during the pandemic. The surveys show that 56 per cent on a national basis and 69 per cent in Oslo and the surrounding area have the opportunity to work from home. Most people state that they are more efficient in the home office than at the premises of the employer. Many believe that the use of home office once a week or more often increases their quality of life, but few want to use the home office every day when the risk of infection in society is reduced. 45 per cent of those who have the opportunity to work from home state that they will do so at least once a week when we return to a normal situation, without a great risk of infection. During the pandemic, there was a shift in how people traveled to work - from public transport to more individual transport, such as car, walking and cycling.


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