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Cost-Efficient Transport Service in Headquarters Defence Command Norway

Authors: Rolf Lea
Report nr: 1015/1995
Language: Norwegian

According to our calculations, the best way to satisfy the demand for passenger transport at Headquarters Defence Command Norway is by combining use of different means of transport: Defence-owned cars with the travelling officer driving the vehicle himself are cheapest on long trips. The same alternative is cheapest on short trips, together with use of privately owned vehicles where car allowance is provided. Today’s model, using Defence-owned vehicles with chauffeur, results in somewhat higher yearly costs than the former alternatives. Taxi is the most expensive means of transport, regardless of trip length. We recommend further study of the alternative with Defence-owned car without chauffeur. The alternative of using privately owned cars must be based on concession from the car-owner. For this reason the transport service cannot be exclusively based on this alternative. Other efforts to reduce cost or increase productivity with today’s model are possible.


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