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Commuting to Nydalen

Authors: Kåre H. Skollerud
Report nr: 1684/2019
ISBN (digital version): 978-82-480-2216-9
Language: Norwegian
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A survey on commuting has been carried out among employees in the area Nydalen in Oslo. Both motivation for mode choices and evaluation of the modes were covered by the questionnaire. Among the employees, there are over 50 per cent who state that they are traveling by public transport and 17 per cent of work trips take place by bicycle and walking. The average travel distance for the employees is 22 km and the commuting time is 36 minutes. For the car users the main reasons for commuting with a car are that it is time saving and that the public transport service is poorly developed on the stretch. That the practices are time saving is used for commuting by public transport and bicycle too


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