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Community reactions to windmill noise – Lista Windmill Park 2015

Authors: Hanne Beate Sundfør, Ronny Klæboe
Report nr: 1452/2015
ISBN (digital version): 978-82-480-1679-3
Language: Norwegian
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An environmental health impact assessment was undertaken around Lista windmill farm located near the coastal area at the very South of Norway. The survey results are influenced by local opposition and a small sample size. Simple exposure effect-relationships, indicate that the local population reacts stronger to windmills and windmill noise than shown internationally. Pulsating swishing sounds and turbine engine hum are the main causes of annoyance. About 60 percent of those who participated in the survey thought windmills degraded the landscape aesthetically. Windmill noise is perceived by local residents as 17-18 dBA worse than road traffic noise. Wind mills should be located at least 1 km distant if survey results are taken at face value. Reactions from respondents who did not regard the windmills aesthetically displeasing, and those more favourable towards wind mills as a renewable source of energy seem to be more in line with what has been shown internationally.


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