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Colored road surface for bicycles and public transport

Authors: Alena Katharina Høye, Aslak Fyhri
Report nr: 1858/2021
ISBN (digital version): 978-82-480-1900-8
Language: Norwegian
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The report summarizes experiences from Norway and other countries with colored surfaces for bicycle and public transport infrastructure. It is based on a review of scientific literature, a review of other countries' handbooks and guidelines, reports from experiences with colored surfaces in Norway and other countries, internet searches to find examples, and interviews with professionals. Whether colored surfaces for bicycles increase safety is uncertain, but it can, in combination with other measures, contribute to making cycling more attractive. The effects depend on how colored surface is used (along road sections or at conflict points) and the type of material. For public transport facilities it is mostly used on midblock sections with the purpose of reducing illegal driving in bus lanes. In conflict areas, bus lanes are in some places highlighted with a box junction type of road markings.


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