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Co-ordination of infrastructure investments in Oslo and Akershus

Authors: Olav Fosli
Report nr: 1042/1996
Language: Norwegian

The report presents a study of the possibilities to co-ordinate investments in infrastructure in the Norwegian capital region both in geographical terms and between alternative transport modes. The study is based on interviews with planners and politicians responsible for transport issues and on public documents. The study has not revealed any significant prob-lems with the co-ordination between Oslo and the surrounding county, Akershus, concerning in-vestments in roads. An important reason is that the «Oslo-package», which is based on the re-gional toll ring system, provides a stable frame for the definition of projects, the priority given to them and their financing. However, there is little co-ordination of invest-ments between roads, local public transport and railways. Investments in infrastructure for local public transport are to a certain extent ad hoc and financing is decided on a yearly basis.


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