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Carsharing in Bergen - experiences and effects

Authors: Vibeke Nenseth, Ingunn Opheim Ellis
Report nr: 1895/2022
ISBN (digital version): 978-82-480-1946-6
Language: Norsk bokmål
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Carsharing contributes to more environmentally friendly mobility. Carsharers walk and cycle and use less car than others. Carsharing can replace the need to have your own car, and gives low-income groups easy access to a car. We know a lot about who carsharing is most relevant for and what characterizes them. In this study, we have studied the population in Bergen in general and those who participate in carsharing schemes here in particular. 5 percent are carsharers today and another 8 percent are interested, while it is irrelevant for almost 4 out of 10, where it is the need to own your own car that is most clearly expressed. We get confirmed established research findings that say that it is especially younger, men, who live urban, with high education and to some extent also high income who are the ones who especially see carsharing as relevant. The motives are mixed - there are both practical and economic reasons and value-related considerations for climate / environment and city life that are emphasized as important for 3 out of 4 car sharers. For those who consider car sharing among the population, it is the argument that it is cheaper than owning their own car that matters most.


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