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Car sharing in Oslo. A study of a group of pioneers

Authors: Guro Berge
Report nr: 1095/1998
Language: Norwegian
Attachments Hele rapporten

The first car sharing organisation in Norway started in 1995. Late in 1997 this BILKOLLEKTIVET had 120 members and 12 cars. A typical member is a man over 30 years, with or without children, with high education and with an income over average. The members are more concerned with the environment than other citizens, but they have joined the organisation because they do not need to use a car on a daily basis and because they do not want to use money to buy their own car. Most of the members drive more as members than before. However, some have reduced their car driving, and a few have reduced their driving substantially. Totally there are no difference. In average, the members drive 7470 km less than the population in Oslo who have a driving licence and a car in the household, but not less than those not using their car to work. However, the study indicates that the members would use their car to work, if they had one.


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