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Car-free city solutions in three Nordic cities

Authors: Oddrun Helen Hagen, Anders Tønnesen, Karin Fossheim
Report nr: 1552/2017
ISBN (digital version): 978-82-480-1871-1
Language: Norwegian
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Car free city centres are high on the political agenda in many Norwegian cities and in a range of European countries. New policy measures are applied and in many cases, there are planned significant increases in the car-free downtown area. This report describes car free city-centre areas in Helsinki, Stockholm and Copenhagen. The pedestrian areas have different sizes and regulation. Goods distribution is allowed for at given times in all three car-free areas. In Helsinki, goods delivery has partially been moved to an underground tunnel system. In both Copenhagen and Stockholm there are consolidation centres relieving the pedestrian zone. All towns are planning further solutions where pedestrians are prioritised.


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