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Barriers and drivers for UCC establishment

Authors: Sidsel Ahlmann Jensen, Grunde Haraldsson Wesenberg, Karin Fossheim
Report nr: 1805/2020
ISBN (digital version): 978-82-480-2328-9
Language: Norwegian
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Various trials of urban consolidation centres (UCC) in European cities report reductions of kilometers driven, number of trips, emissions, noise and land use. In Norway, the cities Stavanger and Drammen have attempted establishment of UCCs, without success. There has been identified several factors that affect establishment which concerns risks with regards to profitability, effects on city life and emissions, and municipal roles and use of instruments. Additionally, it seems that a common problem understanding, common purpose and goals, access to relevant expertise and knowledge, as well as predictable and steady access to resources, will help promote the establishment of UCCs.


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