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An overview of 45 anti-speeding campaigns

Authors: Ross Owen Phillips, Renata Torquato
Report nr: 1003/2009
ISBN (digital version): 978-82-480-0950-4
Language: English
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45 anti-speeding campaigns carried out in 20 different countries outside Norway are described in order to provide an overview of different approaches for the Norwegian Public Roads Administration. The information is collected mainly via the websites of responsible authorities identified. Most of the campaigns are national, less than five years old and from Europe or Australia. The most common target group identified is ‘young males’, followed by ‘all drivers’ and ‘urban drivers’. Approaches taken to change behaviour of the target are typically rational persuasion or hard-hitting emotional persuasion, but the campaigns usually combine a number of different approaches. In addition to highlighting common campaign themes, the report discusses newer, creative approaches, and in particular ‘edutainment’ websites. A lack of proper evaluation of national anti-speeding campaigns is discussed. An Appendix is included that describes each campaign and where possible gives electronic links to campaign material.


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