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Accidents risk and traffic safety among immigrants

Authors: Susanne Nordbakke, Terje Assum
Report nr: 988/2008
ISBN: 978-82-480-0927-6
ISBN (digital version): 978-82-480-0928-3
Language: Norwegian
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The report describes the first large project on immigrants and traffic safety in Norway and is built upon analysis of accidents statistics, focus groups interviews and a survey. The study shows that the accident risk is higher among non-western immigrants with a Norwegian driver licence than among Norwegians, and that the risk is especially high among immigrants from the Middle east and Africa. Furthermore, the study shows the main challenges related to non-western immigrants as car drivers can be found on three dimensions: (1) that immigrants bring with them knowledge (lack of knowledge) and attitudes to traffic safety from their country of origin, and (2) the being in a new setting when it comes to driver- and traffic conditions, can make it difficult for immigrants to drive in Norway, (3) That many immigrants experience problems with the Norwegian driver licence training and that language is one of the main challenges. Only small differences between immigrants and Norwegians were found in regard to traffic safety related behaviour. Thus it is hard to explain the higher risk among non-western immigrants.


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