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2009 Norwegian National Travel Survey - key results

Authors: Liva Vågane, Inge Brechan, Randi Hjorthol
Report nr: 1130/2011
ISBN: 978-82-480-1195-8
ISBN (digital version): 978-82-480-1194-1
Language: Norwegian
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In the Norwegian Travel Survey 2009, about 29 000 people from 13 years have been interviewed. The survey provides information on travel frequency, trip purposes and travel mode, and on how travel behaviour varies with age, gender, income, place of residence etc. In 2009 the average citizen made 3.3 trips per day. Most trips are short, 42 per cent being shorter than three kilometres. The car is used on 63 per cent of the daily trips, either as driver, 52 per cent, or as a passenger, 11 per cent. 4 per cent are made by bicycle and 22 per cent on foot, while 10 per cent are carried out by public transport. During a month, 53 per cent of the population makes one or more long distance journeys (trips of 100 km or longer one-way and trips abroad). Within Norway 68 per cent of these trips are made by car, while 15 per cent are made by plane.


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