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2005 Norwegian Air Travel Survey

Authors: Jon Martin Denstadli, Arne Rideng, Jon Inge Lian
Report nr: 828/2006
ISBN: 82-480-0622-0
ISBN (digital version): 82-480-0623-9
Language: Norwegian
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This report presents results from the 2005 Norwegian Air Travel Survey (ATS). Information from 91,581 passengers travelling on scheduled international and domestic flights have been collected and analyzed. During recent years the number of international passengers travelling to and from Norwegian airports has increased substantially. Results from the ATS show that approximately 1,4 million Norwegians made one or more international flight in 2005, an increase by 300.000 in two years. The growth has primarily taken place within the leisure market. Leisure travel constitutes 60 percent of the market, compared to 56 percent in 2003. Increased competition and fare reductions are important factors behind these changes. Passengers travelling on domestic fligths have also experienced price reductions during recent years, in particular within the business segment.


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