Research project:

LIMCO: Logistic requirements, environment and costs

Over the past few years the transport sector has experienced a revolution in the form of new digital data sources. In this project we will focus on how we can utilize such data to generate new knowledge that contributes to increased efficiency in the transport sector and reduced emissions from trucks.

The main objective is to use the vast amount of data from sensors installed in trucks and combine such data with information from logistics and resource planning systems to provide new insight into the freight transport sector.

We will have access to anonymous data from onboard systems installed in a large fleet of trucks through our partner Cognia Technologies. In addition, we will have access to data from truck fleet management systems, and logistics- and resource planning systems from Posten Norge, PostNord, Bama, Cater and Nortura.

While some firms are setting up advanced systems for vehicle insights and fleet management, others are still relying on paper and fax machines in their logistics planning. The composition of our industrial partners reflects this gap.

Our partner SAP, a multinational software company that makes enterprise software systems, will in this context contribute with the expertise on how to combine, store, process and utilize such data for planning and analytical purposes. By combining data from trucks, companies, and national authorities we are able address research questions such as:

  • How is the environment impacted by road freight transport?
  • Is it possible to make urban logistics more efficient than it is today?
  • Can firms reporting to government be done more efficiently by using data from new digitalized source?

In short, the LIMCO project will contribute to knowledge that will increase efficiency in the transport sector, and lower emissions from trucks by using data that was not available only a few years ago.

The project runs from 2018-2021.

The project is financed by Norwegian Research Council, Norwegian Public Roads Administration and Nortura SA.

Research partners

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International experts

In order to ensure and improve the scientific quality, the project benefits from three international experts, contributing with their expertise and experience from their respective milieus and countries:

Professor Michael Browne (University of Gothenburg), Professor Lauri Ojala (Turku School of Economics), and Professor Alan McKinnon (Kuehne Logistics University in Hamburg)

The expert group meet with the research group annually.

User partners

Postnord, Nortura, Bama, Cognia, SAP, Cater, Posten, NLF, ROAF and Statens vegvesen

Project manager

Inger Beate Hovi


Gaustadalléen 21
0349 Oslo, Norway

Phone: +47 22 57 38 00