Research project: ELAN

Key research questions:

1. What are the prerequisites for a successful transition to electromobility?

  • What are the attitudes, travel behaviour and characteristics of BEV users and non-users?
  • Do changes in attitude and behaviour interact with BEV technology innovation, incentives and policies?
  • Which societal, business and user barriers/opportunities inhibit or support the development?
  • Which actors will be the main ones during the market build-up and when the target is met?

2. How can the transition to electromobility be accelerated or supported?

  • Which societal, business and user level innovations will most effectively support the process?
  • What will be the necessary national supportive measures, policies and incentives?

3. What will be the outcome of a complete transition to electromobility?

  • What will be the impact on the user’s mobility pattern and motoring practice?
  • What will be the impacts on the environment, energy use, the economy and business opportunities?
  • How will a transformation to electric vehicles influence other transport sector targets?

This research project will target these questions through a variety of research methods, applying theories of diffusion of innovations and other socio-technical research frameworks as well as economic theory and modelling. The systematic capture of input function data will be of benefit to other researchers in later research projects as well as for policy development in other countries. 

ELAN will focus on the passenger vehicle segment, since it is the forerunner in the technology development. Electromobility technologies developed for passenger vehicles will spill over to vans, distribution trucks and buses at the next stage of development. The market mechanisms are also very different in the other segments. Hydrogen is not part of the ELAN project as user experiences cannot be studied in the timeframe 2017-2020.

Project manager

Erik Figenbaum


Gaustadalléen 21
0349 Oslo, Norway

Phone: +47 22 57 38 00