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The Handbook of Road Safety Measures - new edition

The second edition of the "Handbook of Road Safety Measures" (previously published in 2004) gives state-of-the-art summaries of current knowledge regarding the effects of 128 road safety measures.

Rune Elvik (to the right) and Michael Sørensen

It covers all areas of road safety including: traffic control; vehicle inspection; driver training; publicity campaigns; police enforcement; and, general policy instruments. With many original chapters revised and several new ones added, extra topics covered in this edition include: post-accident care; DUI legislation and enforcement; environmental zones; and speed cameras.

"In summary, an important, timely and useful book that should benefit researchers and practitioners alike"
Will Murray, Research Director, Interactive Driving Systems[registered] in a book review in Logistics and Transport Focus.

"This handbook offers an enormous amount of information for the interested reader. Furthermore, the reputation of the authors and their approach in this book ensures that this book is a valuable addition to worldwide road safety research. As far as I know, this book has no competitor..."
Fred Wegman, Managing Director of SWOV, in a book review published in the European Journal of Transport Infrastructure Research."

The Handbook of Road Safety Measures
Edition: 2nd Revised edition
Editor(s): Rune Elvik, Alena Hoye, Truls Vaa,  Michael Sorensen,
Format: Hardback, 240 x 165 x 65mm , 1140 pp
Publication date: 14 Oct 2009
Imprint: Emerald Group Publishing Limited
ISBN: 9781848552500


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