June 15-19, 2015: ITEA Annual Conference and Summer School, Kuhmo Nectar

The 2015 edition of the annual ITEA Conference will be hosted by The Institute of Transport Economics – Norwegian Centre for Transport Research in collaboration with the Department of Economics at the University of Oslo.

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The dates are:

ITEA Conference (Kuhmo Nectar)
June 17-19, 2015

ITEA Summer School (Kuhmo Nectar)
June 15-17, 2015

The aim of the Conference is to promote scientific excellence in the field of transport economics and to provide a forum for stimulating scientific exchange.

The three-day Summer School is held on June 15-17 and will offer a high-quality programme, primarily targeted at PhD students and practitioners who are looking for a condensed programme that introduces them to recent advances in academic research in Transport Economics.

As in previous years, the Summer School is integrated with a two-day conference that follows immediately after the Summer School. Delegates are free to attend either the Summer School or the Conference, or both.

The Conference will be arranged at Oslo Science Park. Read more about Oslo Science Park here

Summer School will be arranged at Oslo Science Park and University of Oslo, which is located 4-5 minutes walk from Oslo Science Park. 

You can read more about ITEA here.

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