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Aims of the project

The main aims of the project are to assess the effect on accident risk of the increasing shares of foreign actors in road and sea transport of goods in Norway; and to provide a scientific knowledge base that Norwegian authorities can use to develop measures to reduce any increased risk identified.

In order to fulfil these aims, the project seeks to fulfil the following goals:

  1. Survey the prevalence of and the routes chosen by foreign actors in road and sea transport of goods in Norway (Work Package 1: 2013).
  2. Use the findings along with accident database analyses to estimate the accident risk of these actors (Work Package 2: 2013).
  3. Examine the risk factors and safety challenges related to the growing internationalization of the road and sea sectors (Work Package 3: 2014).
  4. Discuss possible measures that could be implemented to meet these safety challenges (Work Package 4: 2015).
  5. Assess the impact of changes in cabotage legislation planned for 2014, examining  the shares of foreign actors and their associated accident risk (Included in Work Package 1 & 2).





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