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Summer School Faculty Members

The ITEA Summer School program consists of 11 lectures and tutorials delivered by a faculty comprising a range of the most prominent researchers in transport economics.

Faculty Members


Kenneth Small (University of California, Irvine, USA)

Professor Small specializes in urban, transportation, and environmental economics. Recent research topics include urban highway congestion, measurement of value of time and reliability, effects of fuel efficiency standards, public transit pricing, and fuel taxes.

Professor Small was honored in 1999 with the Distinguished Member Award by the Transport & Public Utilities Group, American Economic Association, and in 2004 with the Distinguished Transportation Research Award by the Transportation Research Forum.

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Robin Lindsey (University of British Colombia, Canada)

Professor Robin Lindsey's main research interests are road pricing, dynamic traffic congestion models, financing roads, urban public transportation, and advanced traveler information systems. Recent projects include self-financing with demand and capacity uncertainty; and pricing, capacity, and subsidy policies for public services with stochastic queuing delays and scale economies.

Lindsey is coeditor with André de Palma, Emile Quinet, and Roger Vickerman of the Handbook in Transport Economics published in 2011 by Edward Elgar.

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Leonardo Basso (Universidad de Chile, Chile)

Associate Professor Basso's areas of research are transport economics and industrial organization. He has a particular interest on air transport, focusing on the industrial economics aspects such as privatization and pricing of airports, industry structure and the economics of frequent flyer programs.

He has published a number of recent papers on urban public transport, emphasizing the interaction of modal split and different policies such as bus lanes, congestion pricing and transit subsidies, and the resulting congestion and service levels and overall welfare.

He also researches on more pure industrial organization and antitrust issues.

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Richard Arnott (University of California, Riverside, USA). 

Richard Arnott is Distinguished Professor of Economics at the University of California, Riverside. He has published widely in urban economics.  His recent research focuses on the economics of downtown parking and traffic congestion. He has served as Editor of the Journal of Economic Geography and Regional Science and Urban Economics, and is currently the Economics Editor of Transportation Research B.

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Jos van Ommeren (VU University, Amsterdam)

Professor Jos van Ommeren focuses on the relationship of the transport market with the housing and labour markets.

This includes the economics of transport-related employer fringe benefits (company cars, free parking, commuting subsidies), commuting, job search, and the economics of parking.

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Andre de Palma (Ecole Normale Supérieure, France)

André de Palma teaches economics (industrial organization and transport economics) at École Normale Supérieure Cachan (FR). He is an expert in discrete choice models, transportation economics, experimental economics and industrial organization.

He published several books in transportation economics (with S. Anderson, J. Thisse, R. Lindsey and S. Proost, among others) and papers in leading urban/transportation economics and top-10 economics Journals.


Mogens Fosgerau (Technical University of Denmark)

Professor Mogens Fosgerau's areas of research include micro-economics and micro-econometrics applied to problems in transportation, in particular to issues concerning time, reliability and congestion.

He has contributed to the econometrics of discrete choice emphasising the problem of recovering the distribution of latent variables such as the value of travel time from observed choices. He has also worked on the value of reliability, providing a foundation for this concept in scheduling preferences.

He is a founding editor of Economics of Transportation.

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Sarah West (Macalester College, USA)

Professor West is Professor of Economics at Macalester College in Saint Paul, Minnesota, USA. Her research focuses on estimating behavioral responses to policies for the reduction of vehicle pollution, gasoline consumption, and other goods with negative externalities. Prof. West also studies consumer valuation of fuel economy, the effects of spatial amenities and disamenities on property values, and the effect of public transit on land use. She co-edited the book Environmental Issues in Latin America and the Caribbean and has published articles in American Economic Review, Journal of Environmental Economics and Management, Journal of Public Economics, Journal of Transport Economics and Policy, National Tax Journal, and Regional Science and Urban Economics. Her work has been funded by the Public Policy Institute of California, the U.S. National Institutes of Health, and the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, and she is currently Secretary of the Association of Environmental and Resource Economists (AERE).

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Erik Verhoef (VU University, Amsterdam)

Professor Verhoef's research focuses on efficiency and equity aspects of spatial externalities and their economic regulation, in particular in transport, urban and spatial systems.

Important research themes include second-best regulation, network- and spatial analysis and methodological development, dynamic modelling, efficiency aspects versus equity and social acceptability, policy evaluation, and valuation of intangibles such as time, reliability, statistical life, and externalities.

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Jan Brueckner (University of California, Irvine, USA)

Professor Brueckner researches in the areas of urban economics, public economics, industrial organization (airline economics) and housing finance.

He served as editor of the Journal of Urban Economics from 1991-2007 and is currently an editorial-board member for a number of journals.

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