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CRISP (CRItical SPeed function and Automatic speed control function ahead of a dangerous road section)

The purpose of this prosject is to improve traffic safety by developing innovative technology for avoiding accidents due to vehicle skidding in curves. This project will actively contribute to preventing crashes by simultaneously improving vehicular self-awareness, awareness of the road infrastructure and enforcement of suitable speed limits, and also by upgrading the interaction between vehicles and roads. The road side unit (RSU) will “understand/interpret” the vehicle motion from the passing vehicles, and compute a recommended speed automatically, and continuously prevent vehicle instability such as skidding.

Key words: Road Safety, Connected Vehicles, Road Friction, ITS-G5, Collective Perception, Vehicular Sensors, IoT


WP 1: Sensing WP leader Anthony Hovenburg, TracSense

WP 2: Wireless Communication WP leader Alexey Vinel, Høgskolen på Vestlandet

WP 3: Data analytics WP leader Sabita Maharjan, University of Oslo

WP 4: Cruise Control Design WP leader Maben Rabi, Høgskolen i Østfold

WP 5: Testing WP leader Maben Rabi, Høgskolen i Østfold

WP 6 og 7: Dissemination and management WP leader Marianne Stølan Rostoft, TØI

Project participants

Institute of Transport Research (TØI), Østfold University College, Western Norway University of Applied Sciences, Trac Sense and University of Oslo.

Sub contractors are Volvo Cars and Astra Zero.

The project period is 2020-2023, and the prosject is financed by the Norwegian Research Council.


Gaustadalleen 21, 0349 Oslo

Postboks 8600 Majorstua, 0359 Oslo

E-post: toi@toi.no





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