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Representation - International

Alliance for Logistics Innovation through Collaboration in Europe (ALICE) - Member
Olav Eidhammer

Anatolia, An International Journal of Tourism and Hospitality Research - Member, Editorial Review Board
Jan Vidar Haukeland

Annals of Tourism Research - Resource Editor
Jan Vidar Haukeland

BISEK "Bilens sociale och ekonomiska betydelse" - Board member
Marika Kolbenstvedt

Cost network: "TU1407 - Scientific and technical innovations for safer Powered Two Wheelers"
Truls Vaa

Cost network: "TU1203 - Crime Prevention through Urban Design and Planning"
Sunniva Meyer

Crime Prevention through Urban Design and Planning
Truls Vaa

Environmental Impact Assessment, Basis Tunnel – Member of reference group
Ronny Klæboe

European Conference of Transport Research Institutes (ECTRI). Thematic Working Group: Freight Transport and Logistics - Member 
Olav Eidhammer

European Conference of Transport Research Institutes (ECTRI) - Members
Torkel Bjørnskau and Sunniva Meyer

European Conference of Transport Research Institutes (ECTRI) Mobility - Member 
Nils Fernley 

European Transport Safety Council (various “working parties”) – Member
Ronny Klæboe

European Transport Safety Council – Panel member
Michael Sørensen

Forum of European Road safety Research Institutes (FERSI) - Member
Michael Sørensen

INCE – Støyretningslinjer for støyforhold i skolesituasjoner – Member
Ronny Klæboe

International Cooperation on Theories and Concepts in Traffic Safety 
Rune Elvik and Truls Vaa

International Sociological Association (ISA) - Vice preseident 1, Research Commitee on International Tourism
Jens Kristian Steen Jacobsen

Journal of Tourism and Cultural Change - Member av Editorial Board
Jens Kristian Steen Jacobsen

Miljøkonsekvensbeskrivelser Vägverket in Sweden – Member of Reference Group
Ronny Klæboe

Nordic Traffic Safety Academy - Member and member of Election Board
Michael Sørensen

Nordisk Vägforum (NVF) Digitalisering - Member
Inger Beate Hovi

Nordisk Vägforum (NVF) Klima og miljö - Member
Marianne Knapskog

Nordisk Vägforum (NVF) Trafiksäkerhet - Member
Ingeborg Storesund Hesjevoll

Nordisk Vägforum (NVF) Transport i städer och transportplanering - Member
Oddrun Helen Hagen and
Anne Madslien

Nordisk Vägforum (NVF) Utforming - Member
Kjersti Visnes Øksenholt

REORIENT – Member of Scientific Executive Committee
Ronny Klæboe

Revista de Turism - Member of Edotorial Board
Jens Kristian Steen Jacobsen

Safer - Vehicle and Trafiic Safety Center at Chalmers - Members
Alena Høye, Fridulv Sagberg and Truls Vaa

Rune Elvik

SILVIA - Consortium in the EU's 5th Framework Programme (Silent road surfaces and other noise control actions) - Member
Ronny Klæboe

Transportation Research Part F: Traffic Psychology and Behaviour, Editorial Board
Torkel Bjørnskau

UITP's academic network - Member
Nils Fearnley

UK Transport Economists' Group - Member
Nils Fearnley

VINNOVA’s program “Bilens social och ekonomiska betydning” – Member
Marika Kolbenstvedt


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