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The Institute of Transport Economics TØI is offering short-term positions to Ukranian refugees

TØI invites Ukranian refugees with relevant work experience to apply for short-term research or research assistant positions.

The war in Ukraine affects everyone at TØI both humanely and professionally. Inspired by a call from TØIs European network cooperation ECTRI, the management of TØI has decided to invite qualified Ukranian researchers and research assistants to apply for short-term positions.

Researchers and research assistants with relevant experience are welcome to send their CV and/or an open application to HR-manager Anne-Lise Strømmen by e-mail or phone.

The Institute of Transport Economics (TØI) is a national center for transport research. The main objectives of the institute are to carry out applied research on issues connected with transport and to promote the application of research results by advising the authorities, the transport industry and the public at large. Its sphere of activity includes most of the current major issues in road, rail, sea and air transport.

TØI has a multidisciplinary environment with about 100 researchers. Our clients are the Research Council, the Norwegian authorities, the European Commission and the business community. We are located in modern facilities in the Research Park at Blindern in Oslo.

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