Universal Design

TØI has a long history in multidisciplinary research on topics related to universal design. This group has focused on two issues; how to secure mobility for as large part of the population as possible and how to make the public transport system accessible for as large part of the population as possible.

Universal design is high on the political agenda in Norway, in particular related to the Anti-discrimination and accessibility act of 2008 and the inclusion of Universal design as one of four main objectives in the Norwegian National Transport Plan (NTP 2006-2015, 2010-2019, 2014-2023).

TØI has conducted has conducted several studies in the area, both on the evaluation of specific measures and standards, and on more general issues such as how universal design measures are appreciated, the effect of such measures on travel behavior of various groups, as well as mechanisms contributing or not contributing to goal achievement.

Recent research projects include:


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