European cities with car-free city centres

The City of Oslo is preparing for a car free city centre by 2019. A new report offers an assessment of cities that are considered most relevant for Oslo.

The report was prepared on behalf of the Oslo Alive Secretariat (the Real Estate and Urban Renewal Agency, Municipality of Oslo). The Secretariat has a need for knowledge about European car-free city centres relevant to Oslo.

The report describes car-free city centres in 15 European cities. The cities have been chosen because they have large, continuous car-free areas in their centres and because they are relevant in discussions on car-free city centres.

The three recommended cities are, in ranked order, Brussels, Copenhagen, and Munich.

The shape and regulation of car-free areas in the 15 cities varies. An important task has been to describe how creating and maintaining a car-free area is done in the different cities. The descriptions of car-free area regulations include explanations of how access to the area is physically and legally restricted, including exceptions, such as exemptions for disabled people, taxis, and emergency vehicles, or permission for the delivery of goods at certain times.

English summary: European cities with car-free city centres. TØI Report 1476/2016 Authors: Anders Tønnesen, Sunniva Frislid Meyer, Eva-Gurine Skartland, Hanne Beate Sundfør


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