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TØI har nylig (desember 2019) fått et stort fireårig forskningsrådsprosjekt (2020-2023 om Bildeling, kalt CarNudge: The impact of parking policies and nudging on carsharing. Vi ønsker å knytte en eller flere mastergradsstudenter til prosjektet. 

We are looking for master students in social science (sociology, political science, (behavioral) economics, human geography, business administration/marketing)  who are interested in learning and using new research methods and gain insights  from a growing business and social innovation such as car sharing.

Multiple master students will be able to work with us starting already now or in the future. It is optimal if students are open to write their master thesis in English (but not compulsory) and have some experience with data analysis or are interested in empirical approaches.

We suggest the following research questions:

  • What policies have been used to introduce and promote carsharing in Norway?
    Method: Literature review of scientific articles and “grey” literature (media, reports, policy documents) on measures for car sharing.
    Mapping and comparison of different policy tools to promote carsharing: Economic, Regulatory, Communicative.
    Most focus on communicative measures like: nudging; network building; logos, advertisement. Regulatory/planning measures like dedicated parking spots and Others.
  • Diffusion. Are policies enough?
    Study social diffusion and neighbourhood effects. Who gets (most) encouraged/influenced by the different policies across social (age, gender, education, income,…) and/or  geographical variation (different urban (?) areas)  
  • Nudging and car sharing calculator: Is it possible to nudge people into carsharing?
    Are people willing to sell/scrap their car and use a carsharing service instead?
    Which business model is more relevant and for whom?
    What is the best way to communicate such information? Method: Survey analysis, focus groups, field experiments.

Contact: Alice Ciccone,      Alice.Ciccone@toi.no



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