Age differences in car drivers' hazard perception skills

Drivers aged 35 to 55 years react faster to the hazards compared both to drivers above 65 and young, novice drivers.

A video-based hazard perception test has been developed at TØI, and in this report reaction times measured by this test are compared between three groups of drivers, varying in age and driving experience. The youngest drivers were participants at a basic course that is mandatory before starting on-road driver training.

The differences in reaction times between groups are particularly large for some of the hazards, and further investigations are called for in order to search for common elements across situations differentiating between drivers varying in age and/or experience.

Validation against crash involvement risk is also needed, as well as studies of training potential, before the possible benefit of such methods in driver licensing or training can be assessed more thoroughly.

Age differences in car drivers' hazard perception skills. A synthesis of results from two studies using a video-based test .
TØI-report: 1015/2009. Author:  Fridulv Sagberg



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