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Zambia Axle Load Control Programme - An Appraisal

Authors: Henning Lauridsen, Hagai K. S. Bishanga
Report nr: 568/2002
ISBN: 82-480-0255-1
Language: English

NORAD is currently supporting a road sector programme in Zambia. Overloading of road vehicles is rampant and a major contributory factor to road damage and increased maintenance costs. Effective axle load control is urgently required to curb overloading and NORAD has indicated willingness to consider support to developing a more effective control system. The report describes the findings and conclusions of an appraisal of the axle load control programme as proposed by Zambia. The appraisal concludes that the proposed programme is highly relevant and a national road sector priority. The programme design is sound but modifications are required. Sustainability can easily be enhanced by minor modifications to the institutional and organisational framework. It is recommended that programme preparations continue and that recommended modifications be incorporated.


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