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What is the cost of a ship call?

Authors: Olav Eidhammer
Report nr: 716/2004
ISBN: 82-480-0425-2
Language: Norwegian
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Main objective for the study has been to identify and quantify different governmental given duties and municipality given port tariffs connected to ship calls. The data are collected from ports, shipping lines and the industry. The results show that an average ship pays NOK 0,55 per BT in quay and call duty. The duties are distributed with NOK 0,33 (60 %) per BT on quay duty and NOK 0,22 (40 %) per BT on call duty. Commodity duties are in average NOK 14,60 (NOK 9,79-24,80) per tonne for a high value commodity and NOK 8,45 (NOK 4,00-18,96) per tonne for a low value commodity. Governmental given duties vary between NOK 9 266 for a call from a ship of 1 000-1 999 BT to NOK 17 295 for a ship of 5 000-5 999 BT.


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