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Use of child restraint systems in Norway.

Authors: Astrid Helene Amundsen
Report nr: 732/2004
ISBN: 82-480-0442-2
Language: Norwegian
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The project "Restraining children in cars" started in 2001 and ended in 2004. The main goal of the project was to increase the use of CRS. The focus was on rearward-facing chairs in the back-seat, and reducing the number of children sitting in front of an active airbag. As part of the evaluation of the project a questionnaire was answered and control of CRS-use performed. The percentage of un-restrained children was reduced from 10 percent (2002) to 5 percent (2004). The percentage of children using rearward-facing CRS increased. The use of rearward-facing chair is 14 percent in the age-group 0-3 year. The precentage is somewhat higher for children younger than 2 years. Even though the percentage of un-restrained is low in Norway, there are still many children restrained in a way not suitable for their age.


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